I might post some drawings here. She/her

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A Character design based off the icon.

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you ever draw something and it feels like your hands gave you someone else's art?


this is literally the furthest from my art style i could ever get but yet, here this piece is

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what if we addressed the users of this place as waterfy'all

05/27/19 I drew this last year but I did a few touch ups on the shading. I’m not sure how I feel about.

[ID: A pencil drawing of an open book. There is slightly more pages on the right side. The crease in the middle is shaded a little darker. The date on it is May twenty seventh, twenty nineteen.]

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trans rights are human rights

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5/20/19 A couple of sketches from the game Transistor that were fun to draw

[ID: Four pencil sketches on a white background. The first in the top left corner is The Transistor. It is a large rectagular sword with a triangular hilt and a short handle. It has a large circle near the hilt, three smaller circles branching off of it. Next to it is a Jerk. It’s a huge machine with a circular body and head. It has two arms made of floating bits of metal. It has a small circle and triangle under the body. The small circle and head both have an eye on them. In the bottom left corner are four Weeds. They are long worms with an eye at the top, two V shapes on the body and a target at the bottom. The last drawing is of Red. She has short hair and feathers around her neckline. The date is May nineteenth, twenty nineteen]

19/05/19 Something I drew for my art class last year.

[ID: a charcoal drawing of a black crow. The background is a soft white and the charcoal is smudged around the edges of the bird. The date on the drawing is March twenty seventh, twenty nineteen]